Arrow Blue Porsche 911 Slicktop

1974 marked year one of the impact-bumper 911 and weak, emissions-strangled engines. Sad.

But that means these 911s are a great entry point for the new enthusiast on a budget.

This one in Mountain View, California is only $1,825, unheard of for a Porsche of any kind, much less the venerable 911. And it’s a slicktop. Win-win!

The only downside is that it needs everything (except a slicktop roof!). A great foundation for the car of your dreams, or the ultimate nightmare?


2003 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

A 12-cylinder iron fist in a crushed velvet glove, or something. The hand-built craftsmanship, timeless lines, and slicktop make this V12 Vanquish a very special car. The British know how to build exciting cars.

This one in Florida may be the most garish Aston ever. The lipstick red paint and big chrome wheels say “Bienvenido a Miami” more than “meet me at the castle.” Nevertheless, a special car to celebrate.

2006 BMW M3 ZCP Slicktop Manual

The E46 M3 took a bow in 2006, and the final act was the best: BMW offered Competition package (Code ZCP) which was like a watered-down euro CSL (minus the engine enhancement). Bigger brakes, better wheels, exclusive interlagos blue paint, faster steering rack, etc. And they are quite rare.

This one in Denver looks especially special because it is a super-rare slicktop manual with M-texture seats. Only 65,000 miles on the ticker, to boot.

2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Slicktop

The 50th Anniversary Porsche 911 is a special car, with only 1963 copies and lots of throwback details, like green gauges, houndstooth seats, and Fuchs-style wheels. A slicktop on one of these limited edition, highly spec’d models is a special kind of special.

Here’s a beautiful grey 50th Anniversary slicktop 911 with only 9,700 miles in Southern California on offer for $120,000.

2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Slicktop Manual

The W203 C-Class Mercedes came in all shapes and configurations, but in the US of A, almost all of them came with an automatic transmission and a sunroof or moonroof.

Not this one. Here is a rare 2007 slicktop manual C230, the final year of W203 production. In Arizona with 83,000 miles and an ask of $7,700 for a gold-toned, rare-spec Merc might be worth a look.

MB c230 gold slicktopMB c230 gold slicktop.2MB c230 gold slicktop.3