We are hopeless car nuts and avid slicktop hunters. That’s why we started Slicktopia. Founder Mike Murphy caught the slicktop bug initially out of necessity. At 6’3″ with a long torso, he had trouble finding a performance car that gave him the headroom for comfortable driving (much less wearing a helmet to the track). After test drove a salvaged e46 M3 on craigslist that happened to be a slicktop and there was no turning back. After a two-month search (even pleading with Doug DeMuro to check on a car in Philedelphia), Mike found a clean slicktop manual e46 M3 in upstate New York (naturally, it was not advertised as a slicktop), and had it shipped home to Austin.


That was 2015. Since then, Mike has regularly searched the interwebs for interesting slicktop cars. For us, spotting an interesting slicktop online is like a digital barn find. Slicktopia is intended to capture that fun while making the hunt a little easier.

We hope you enjoy Slicktopia, and invite you to help make this community stronger by sending links, sharing your stories, telling your friends, and visiting often. Cheers!