Carbon Black Slicktop – 2003 BMW M3

The E46 M3 is one of the most classically beautiful cars that BMW has ever produced. Go ahead and disagree; you are wrong.


No, it hasn’t yet joined the art museum permanent collection like the Movado Museum Watch, but BMW got everything so right with this iteration of the M3; the size, the proportions, the subtle aggression.


And among the best color combinations for the E46 M3 is Carbon Black over Cinnamon leather. Exquisite.

interior e46

The face/rear-lifted 2003.5+ cars also benefited from the very cool LED tail lights (ironically, many new 2018 BMWs do not have LED taillights).

lit tail lights

With manual seats and the super rare (and super awesome) slicktop, this 2003 Carbon Black M3 slicktop for sale on Bring A Trailer is one of the finest we’ve ever seen. And at only 38,000 miles, this one looks nearly factory fresh.  Hurry, though; the auction ends in 20 hours, and the price is already nearing $30,000. Still a bargain in our book.

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