2000 Porsche 911 C2 Slicktop

The non-GT 996 Porsche 911 came standard in the US with a sunroof, much to the chagrin of slicktopians. Legend has it that a slicktop could not even be special ordered.

This 2000 Carrera in Tempe Arizona seems to disprove the myth, but it is an extremely rare example. This car was clearly special ordered, as it has a very cool spec: slicktop, sport chassis, full leather, stability management (an option in 2000), Hi-fi stereo, and painted rear console in exterior color. Speaking of exterior color, it is finished in Ocean Blue metallic, which is one of the most beautiful modern blues in the Porsche palette.

The ravages of depreciation have made this special Porsche, with less than 100,000 miles a good deal (if everything checks out) at the asking price of $16,900.

Another positive is it’s west-coast exclusive life – no worries of corrosion. Negatives are that one accident is reported early in its life, no mention of IMS replacement or service history, and it has had quite a few owners.

This 996 could make some slicktopia a very happy camper.

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