2004 BMW M3 SMG Slicktop

This E46 M3 slicktop has been prepped as a street and track car, with a number of performance upgrades that are aimed at enhancing the driving experience without changing the character of the E46 M3. For example, money was spent on beautiful Recaro seats and expensive cooling system improvements and not on a supercharger and carbon fiber hood. That restrain to focus on more subtle improvements is rare and laudable. This should be a great driving M3.

This slicktop SMG M3 has 112,000 miles, is finished in silver grey over black, and is a southern California car owned by a BMW enthusiast who looks to have very carefully maintained it. Listed for $21,000 on Rennlist.

E46 M3 stats:

  • Model Years: 2001-2006
  • Engine: S54 3.2l straight-six,
  • 333 hp / 262 ft-lb torque
  • Weight: 3,415 lbs (coupe)
  • Body styles (and North American production): Coupe (26,202) / convertible (17,577)

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