2008 BMW M3 Sedan – Manual Slicktop


Here is a rare sight: a manual, slicktop E90 M3 for sale with modest mileage and the lighter-weight, better-handling 18″ wheels. Yum.


As BMW fanbois know, with the E90 (sedan) / E92 (coupe) / E93 (cabriolet), BMW dropped the legendary inline-6 engine for a somewhat scandalous 4 liter V8 motor. Was BMW going Detroit? Not really – the V8 was lighter than the previous 3.2 liter inline 6 from the E46 M3, produced 400 hp, and sounded like an Italian exotic when it revved.


Besides weak low-end torque (very un-American) and weak rod bearings, it is a marvelous engine, as is the rest of the car. With the E9x generation BMW came back to their senses and offered a sedan again (available in the 1990s E36 generation, but dropped for the E46), and it is certainly the most practical package for making an M3 part of your daily routine.


This particular M3 is a one-owner California car with 61,000 miles and is listed on Bring-a-Trailer. Wearing “Sparkling Graphite Metallic” paint over a black leather interior, this M3 is really an excellent spec: no sunroof! 6-speed manual! sensible 18″ wheels! No ridiculous BMW front-grill stripes! Buy Now!


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